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Why Us

Skyline Visuals specialises in all aspects of aviation from helicopter operations, legal drone (RPAS) operations, drone consulting services, drone & accessory sales, 

We have many years of experience in various sectors of both manned & unmanned aviation and we are connected with the best suppliers in the industry.

We offer a range of packages to suit any budget and strive to build a prosperous client relationship with our customers into the future.

Contact us today for more information on how we may assist your business or to book your next helicopter or drone experience.

Our Services

Helicopter Services:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Luxury Proposal Picnics
  • Lodge & Accomodation Transfers
  • Scenic Charter Flights
  • Picnic / Breakfast or Lunch Stops


All partners are registered with the required Aircraft Operating Certificates and the appropriate third party insurance is in place & valid.
Certificate can be provided upon request.

Luxury Helicopter Picnic & Bush Braai

We can accommodate between 2 and 6 passengers for any of our luxury picnics or bush braai’s.

Experience secluded natural beauty on-top of a private mountain ridge in the Hekpoort Valley South Africa.

For further information please click below to visit our store.

Romantic Heli Picnic

Arrive in style at a secluded romantic picnic destination. 270 degree views over Muldersdrift, Magaliesburg & Cradle of Humankind will make for an amazing morning or afternoon treat.

Please click below for further information & to make a booking.

Wedding Heli Transfers

Arrive in ultimate style at your special day, we offer a range of wedding transfers, drop offs or collections for weddings around Gauteng and bordering provinces.

Contact us to make your transfer safe & stylish!

Drone Consulting Services:

  • Drone Business Consulting:

Advice and consulting on the various requirements related to setting up a drone business:

  1. RPL pilot training
  2. Aircraft and sensor selection
  3. Aircraft Maintenance
  4. RPAS Operators Certification

  • SACAA RPAS Registration:
  1. Collation & Submission of paperwork
  2. CAA Registration Fee Payment
  3. Submission Follow Up
  4. Registration Certificate Collection / Free Delivery within 10km radius of Boskruin, Randburg. 

  • RPAS RLA Service Package:
  1. RPAS Certified Mass Measurement, weight measured on a certified scale, printed weight certificate & calibration certificate.
  2. RPAS Registration Sticker Printing, 4 x stickers (2 for aircraft, 1 for transport case & 1 for transmitter).
  3. RPAS Fireproof Registration Plate Manufacture (RPAS Registration & Serial Number).

  • Drone Insurance:
  1. Aircraft insurance for risks such as: Travel, Flight & Malicious Damage.
  2. Legal Liability insurance for third party risk.
  3. Payload insurance for risks such as: Travel, Flight & Malicious Damage

Drone & Accessory Sales: 

We are resellers of DJI products, Polar Pro accessories, PGYTECH accessories, Gannet bait release mechanisms & many other drone related accessories.

DJI Consumer & Professional Drones

DJI Enterprise Drones

DJI Optical, Zoom & Thermal Payloads

Various Drone Accessories

Our Equipment
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum
  • 25-minute flight time
  • 60 km/h max speed
  • 12.7 Megapixel Sensor
  • 4k @30fps / 1080 Full HD @120fps
  • Forward & Downward Sensors
DJI Inspire 2
  • 25-minute flight time
  • Dual operator capability
  • Dual battery redundancy
  • Dual IMU redundancy
  • 90 km/h max speed
  • 3-way vision positioning sensors
Zenmuse X5s
  • CMOS 4/3” Sensor
  • 20.8 Megapixel
  • 72° field of view
  • 5.2k @ 30fps / 4k @ 60fps / 1080 Full HD @ 120fps
  • Apple Pro Res & Cinema DNG Compatible
DJI Zenmuse X7
  • Inspire 2 Compatibility
  • Super 35mm Sensor
  • 5.2K Apple ProRes
  • 6K CinemaDNG
  • 24MP Stills
  • 14 Stops Dynamic Range
  • 4 Lens DJI DL Options (16mm, 24mm, 35mm & 50mm)
Freefly Alta 8
Freefly has been leading the industry in camera movement for over a decade. We learned early that a key ingredient to unforgettable shots is the ability to move the camera dynamically. Fly the best cinematic aircraft on your next production for the industry WOW factor.
  • 1.3 Meters Width
  • 8kg Payload
  • 8 Rotor Redundancy
  • Dual 6 Cell Battery setup
  • Top & Bottom Mount-ability
  • Intelligent, Reliable & Agile
Robinson R66 Helicopter
  • 2 bladed rotor system
  • 2,5 hours max flight time
  • Pilot & 3 passengers weight dependent
  • Door off operation
  • Rolls Royce turbine engine
Bell 407 Helicopter
  • 4 bladed rotor system
  • 2,5 hours max flight time
  • Pilot & 5 passengers weight dependent
  • Turbine Engine
  • Cruise Speed 240 KM/H
  • Range 500 km weight dependent
Robinson R44 Helicopter
  •  2 bladed rotor system
  • 2,5 hours max flight time
  • Pilot & 2 Passengers
  • Door off operations
  • Great visibility
Jeep Wrangler 4×4 Vehicle
  • All terrain capable
  • Unlimited site exploration