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Skyline Visuals
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Why Us

Skyline Visuals specialises in  legal drone (RPAS) operations, helicopter operations as well as drone sales & repairs.

We have many years of experience in various sectors of both manned & unmanned aviation and are connected with the best suppliers in the industry.

Contact us today to customise a drone solution to suit your specific business’s needs. 

Our Services

Helicopter Services:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Luxury Proposal Picnics
  • Lodge & Accomodation Transfers
  • Scenic Charter Flights
  • Picnic / Breakfast or Lunch Stops


All partners are registered with the required Aircraft Operating Certificates and the appropriate third party insurance is in place & valid.
Certificate can be provided upon request.

Luxury Helicopter Picnic & Bush Braai

We can accommodate between 2 and 6 passengers for any of our luxury picnics or bush braai’s.

Experience secluded natural beauty on-top of a private mountain ridge in the Hekpoort Valley South Africa.

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