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Thanks for visiting our store, we hope you find the experience and our products of interest to yourself as a hobbyist or beneficial and a tool of great value in your organisation or industry.

A bit about us, Skyline Visuals has been in the formalized drone industry for the past 4 years and the previous model aircraft industry for another 12 years. We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable on the products we sell, up to date with the latest technology trends in the South African drone industry and looking ahead to future technology and methodology being adopted in the international drone industry. We retail a wide range of drones, accessories and repair parts to keep you in the air working and having fun.



Drone Services South Africa

Drones are complex pieces of equipment. They are no longer toys but sophisticated expensive pieces of technology that have staked their way into many industries globally.

To navigate this field, we are happy to provide our expertise, experience and knowledge of the technology to provide you the customer with the best suited equipment for your intended job or related requirement. Be it from a first timer buying a Mavic Mini or an industrial client buying a fleet of Matrice 300’s we are here to help.

Happy flying,


Founder – Skyline Visuals

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