Drone Spraying Intelligence

The DJI Agras T16 crop spraying specific drone is the latest model in the DJI agricultural line up, it replaces the previous generation Agras MG-1P drone which was a success in this new industry & set the benchmark for drone crop sprayers. The new Agras T16 is an amazing upgrade on this original model due to the numerous advancements on all fronts of the technology. The payload capability has essentially been doubled with a max takeoff weight at seas level of over 40kg! The spray tank capacity has now been increased to 16L, the batteries have been increased in cell capacity, cell cycle life & overall size. The T16 uses 2 less motors when compared to the previous model, however much larger slower spinning props are utilised which all aid in increasing the flight efficiency, quietening the propeller noise & an overall increased downforce to distribute the chemical in up to a 6m spray width.

The Agras T16 features an HD camera feed & improved flight GPS accuracy through the RTK GPS system & base station. More intelligent sense and avoid obstacle avoidance has been incorporated through the DBF radar, LED Lighting & camera system. The central core is IP67 proof which protect the IMU, barometer & other sensitive electronic components from moisture, dirt & chemical spray.

Through the modular design the spray tanks & battery system may be removed and replaced in a fast and efficient way leading to less time on the ground and more time in the air, highly beneficial for users looking to spray large areas of crops, orchards or other terrain in the shortest amount of time.

The improved Agras T16 charging system has been upgraded to 2600w of charging capability, which allows for the ability to charge up to 4 DJI Agras T16 flight packs in approximately 80 minutes or in fast charge mode can charge 1 flight battery in 20 minutes.

The Agras T16 has been released and is available to our local South African & African drone markets. Skyline Visuals works with the sole authorised distributor of the DJI Agras lineup to supply this awesome product to our farmers, spray operators & other usage cases. Feel free to look at the product link https://skylinevisuals.co.za/product/dji-agras-t16-crop-spraying-drone/ or contact us for availability & pricing information on: Info@skylinevisuals.co.za