Have you crashed your drone?

We stock a wide variety of spare parts for the latest DJI drone models. We have the parts, tools & expertise to get you back up in the air. All repairs are complete at our base in Boskruin, Johannesburg. All repaired drones undergo a acceptance flight following repair.

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    Common DJI Drone Repairs:

    Have you damaged your drone in a crash?

    These are some of the most common DJI drone repairs that occur through crashing, incorrect storage & shocks in transport.

    DJI Phantom 4

    The DJI Phantom is a trusted and sturdy model, however it suffers a major design flaw. After quite a number of flights cracks in the plastic body shell may be seen around the motors due to the stress & exposure to the elements as well as heating and cooling in these areas.

    DJI Mavic Pro

    The DJI Mavic Pro is the best selling model ever produced due to the compact size, amazing performance and flight time & the affordable price tag. However due to the weight saving there have had to be compromises made in the design of the gimbal. The DJI Mavic Pro gimbal is extremely lightweight and is easily damaged in crashes, transport & storage.

    The gimbal contains 2 very thin, fragile cables known as: The gimbal flex cable & the signal or data cable. The gimbal flex cable controls the 3 motors on the pan, yaw and roll axis while the signal cable feeds image from the camera sensor directly to the logic board where the picture data is then processed and transmitted to the controller additionally stored on the memory card.

    How To Repair?

    We resell many of the DJI drone parts in order to complete the repair yourself which is an easy way of saving costs on the repair and educating yourself on the inner workings of your drone model. Should you not have the technical knowledge, tools or time we would be happy to provide a quote to repair your drone at our base in Johannesburg. We have many years of repair knowledge, spare parts & the correct tools to get the job done properly. Each repair case will be test flown and signed out as airworthy following the repair.



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