DJI Mavic Pro Fishing Combo


The Mavic Pro is a fast, strong & super portable drone which makes it a great platform for fishing. Pack it into your tackle box or sling it over your back. We have put together a combo which will take the struggle out of locating all the required accessories in order to turn your Mavic Pro into a powerful fishing platform. Included in this bundle is the drone, fishing release, carry case & base essentials.

  • 20 minute flight times
  • 450 gram bait drops , 500m distance drops
  • bait dropper easily clips on and off making your drone super versatile to capture your fight with one of the oceans many species on the 4K, 3 axis gimbal stabilised Mavic Pro.

1 DJI Mavic Pro ; 1 Bait Dropper & Wiring Accessories ; 1 Battery ; 4 Propellers ; 1 Hard Case ; All Cables and Chargers For the Drone


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