TB 50 Intelligent Battery Charging Station


The Battery Station can charge up to eight TB50 batteries simultaneously. In addition it can charge other devices including the Inspire 2 remote controller and 2 WB37 Intelligent batteries via the multiple charging ports. Even charge mobile devices via USB ports. Simply put, the DJI Battery Station is equipped to meet the needs of all your energy-dependent devices. The powerful DJI Battery Station provides vital information about your batteries to ensure proper battery management. When a TB50 Intelligent Battery is attached, its current firmware version will display on the station’s LCD screen. When updated to the latest version via DJI Assistant 2, the Battery Station can update up to eight batteries to their most recent firmware versions without needing to be connected to a computer. The DJI Battery Station is built within a case that offers maximum storage & protection. It can store up to 12 TB50 Intelligent Batteries, two WB37 Intelligent Batteries, and one WCH2 Charging Hub3. Outfitted with wheels for traveling, the Battery Station supports all-day shoots.

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Store up to 12 TB50 Intelligent Batteries, two WB37 intelligent Batteries and one WCH2 Charging hub. Charge up to 6 TB50 Batteries in various modes such as quick mode, normal mode and silent mode. Update 6 batteries firmware at once without the requirment for a computer.

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